We are just a regular family. Mother, stepfather, Vasilisa, Slava, and Leo.
Just came to the US and finding our way here.
We are talented and professional.
Doing our best to live our beautiful life.

A few days after the Russian President started this awful crazy war we moved from Russia. It’s wasn’t safe to stay there because of the persecution by the Russian government.

We want to give our children happy life without fear in a free peaceful world.
We opened LLC in Los Angeles and have an amazingly talented team of cinematographers and designers that are hungry to work and pay taxes.
We have two amazing products – one for businesses, and another for those who care about their families.

Tap for details
Tap for details

We are very open to your requests and questions about the products, they are really awesome, and trust me, this is not a black Friday sale. This is a beautiful real Life Story.

We are sure that there are clients that want to present something important this year. Life Story. Or new marketing content to grow business.

My name is Eldar, you are on my website. There is a lot of information about me and my experience. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

This is my family.

Right now we are still looking for a car. It’s not easy when you don’t have SSN and Credit score.
And will be happy and thankful if you will share information about our business with those who might be interested.

Thank you!

My e-mail:

Phone number: +14243334477


My portfolio: Click here

Video production company: LET YOU IN LLC

A full-length documentary made in the US: It’s a Fabulous World

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