Eldar Asanov

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

It turns me inside out from the deceit and stupidity of modern society, from double standards and injustice. From birth, I tried to integrate into the system, but it rejected me over and over again. This happened until I realized – I have no place in a system that accelerates to hell.

Man replaces the replaced concepts, blindly following his sick mutation.

Borders between countries are a crime against human rights.

Unlimited consumerism is a shame.

Inaccessible salvation is Love.

Accessible salvation – Digitalization.

We can only look at the agony of what we call the world, and in fact, it is just a flash in the infinite being of God.

And the one who does not see this is either blind, or stupid, or a liar.

My work will not save mankind, but it will tell you about its death.