Концепция моего искусства состоит в том, что мои работы представляют собой не видео, а объект, расположенный в нефизической метавселенной. Каждый объект – это своего рода явление нефизического мира. Я исследую, обращаю внимание и популяризирую то, что, несомненно, является частью нашей жизни, но не может быть описано или измерено из-за его нематериальной природы.


IT’S A FABULOUS WORLD. The symbol of our memories that we save carefully in the non-physical entity.
The huge Pyramid feels like purple, bigger than anything is floating in existence with the volumetric inscription “It’s a Fabulous World” and mirrored walls inside. A video loop demonstrates the object which you can own.
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Collaboration with Helen Anvor. Available on Rarible:
The Formation. Premiere July 29th, 2021 on

In The Formation concept, I’m paying attention to the formation of personality in the early days of its existence. Each of us has an elusive but clearly felt “I”. And also an integral part of each personality is the shell formed by the outside world. This structure can be felt especially clearly when consciousness has not yet been distorted by internal changes and the impact of the external world. In the depths of our consciousness, in the foundation of our personality, the first influence of the external world is recorded – Love. Love, which is symbolized by the lullaby, familiar to us from the first days of life, and our “I” – which is the independent center of this love.

The Formation” artwork is a glass-like ball, the inner layer of which we see through a transparent shell. In a calm state, the inner layer also has the shape of a ball. There is a second state known to us in which this inner layer is distorted under the influence of external influences (for example, as seen in the presented NFT, this is the effect of sound).
Inside the ball, there is a small ball whose surface resembles (but does not repeat) a mirror-like surface. This ball changes in size regardless of external influence, but only depending on its own actions. At a certain moment, we begin to see a form that resembles the pupil of an eye, through which an external influence also occurs, filling our inner world.

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Work in progress:

Smart mob monument. Collaboration with Howard Rheingold. Based on his legendary book Smartmob. A smart mob is a group whose coordination and communication abilities have been empowered by digital communication technologies.
The phenomenon was introduced by Howard Rheingold in 2002.
There is a history behind the “Flashmob” phenomenon and the Smart mob monument is keeping it in human culture.
NFT is coming soon!

Smartmob sketches