I ❤️ COVID-19

A mask used by a coronavirus patient with the words “I ❤️ COVID” for $ 1000 is put up for sale.
With my work, I want to change the panic and depressive mood in the world. The pandemic brought a lot of grief and problems, but there is always a flip side to the coin. Coronavirus gave us the opportunity to stop and think about our life, spend time with loved ones, do things for which there was not enough time. I propose to look at this problem from a different angle and use this time to good use. Our planet also received a respite – the negative impact of mankind on nature decreased, the oppressed species of animals could feel freer. The virus is part of the divine plan, inaccessible to us for full understanding, but making us think global.
The inscription on the mask used by the patient with a coronavirus was made by the artist’s blood as a sign of solidarity with those to whom this situation caused pain. Black acrylic is diluted with saliva – a symbol of the airborne spread of the virus.
The starting price at an auction arranged on the artist’s personal Instagram starts at $ 1,000. All funds from the sale of artwork will be directed to charity to help victims of COVID-19.
Stay home, make love, think big, have fun.
I ❤️ COVID-19.

Art is not a crime. #заюлю

The artist Julia Tsvetkova is accused of pornography, she faces up to 6 years in prison for pictures of the vagina.

Art and education should be free. As a sign of support and solidarity with Julia, I publish my work.